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For more than 20 years, our service has established itself as one of the best and most reliable in Bulgaria for the repair of tractors, agricultural machinery and spare parts.

We managed to take advantage of the heritage of the former Tractor Production Plant in Karlovo, namely the invaluable specialist engineers, who after so many years still train our young specialists and pass on to them the traditions of mechanical engineering, inherent in the region.

Our engineers attain training at the factories of our manufacturers annually. Agricultural machinery technologies are constantly being modernized and we must be ready for the new upcoming challenges.

In case you need repair, you must follow these steps:

Call to arrange a date and time for reception in the service center

Transport or send your product to our service center in Karlovo

- After admission, our specialists will perform analysis and diagnosis

- You will receive a call from the service center to confirm the conditions of the repair

- Your product is being repaired

- In case of out-of-warranty repairs, you will receive an invoice for payment

Arrange a pick up or delivery of the repaired product