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Potato excavators

Model: 4UD
The connection point is located in the center.Plowshare 50 cm.Front vibrating digger.Τransversal and alternate shaking rear grids.Rear discharge.Adjusting depth digging.Rubber silent block reduces vibration during use to give the machine longevity.Long life bearings.Adjustable support wheel in width..
1,500.00 лв.
Ex Tax:1,250.00 лв.
Potato excavator DE50 Potato excavator DE50
-20 % Pre-Order
Model: DE50
2,628.60 лв. 3,285.74 лв.
Ex Tax:2,190.50 лв.
Potato excavator PE55 Potato excavator PE55
-20 % Pre-Order
Model: PE55
3,248.19 лв. 4,060.24 лв.
Ex Tax:2,706.83 лв.
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